Update: Five Months on the Road – The Challenges

The February sky above New Mexico.

The February sky above New Mexico.

Here I sit, five months into my road trip across the country. At once it seems I left so very long ago, and just yesterday. Time is funny on the road. I find it difficult to keep track of the days of the week when I am not on a set schedule. My seasons change multiple times, back and forth, as I drive across states: from fall to summer, summer to winter, back to fall, fast-forward to spring. I am happy with all I have done these past five months, but it hasn’t been easy. Read more

Ohio – Volunteering at Weathervane Playhouse

WVAlthough I am not very long into my journey, I can safely guess that volunteering at Weathervane Playhouse will be one of my most favorite stops. Weathervane has been my “home” for the past few years. The people – my family. I had always planned for this to be my “Ohio stop” on my journey, and so just a few short weeks after officially leaving, I made my return in order to volunteer during one of their “audition” weekends. Read more

10 Things I Have Learned About “Capsule Wardrobe” Packing for Travel

I am not much of a fashionista. You should know that right up front. My wardrobe consists of a lot of black skirts, (too many) t-shirts and a plethora of socks of all designs and colors. I can’t remember the last time I bought a “new” piece of clothing (outside of socks, leggings, tights and under clothes) – preferring to shop at thrift stores and Goodwill on the rare occasion I do shop. But somehow, I manage to over-pack when traveling. By A LOT. I don’t know why I think I will wear that cute little skirt or jacket while traveling when I have never worn it once at home- but for some reason, it will end up in my suitcase.  And I have nearly every “what-if” scenario covered in the wardrobe department. Is there a possibility we’ll go skiing on my beach vacation? I have warm clothes and snow-pants packed…just in case. Read more

My Favorite Podcasts

I absolutely love driving across country. I’m not such a fan of sitting in traffic and navigating cities, but get me on the open road and I am in travel heaven!

Most of the 30,000+ miles I have driven over the past year or so have been solo trips. Some people seem to think this is strange – my preference for driving alone rising with each hour added to a road trip. When traveling by myself I can stop (or not stop) as I wish. I can take detours and scenic routes. I can enjoy silence, or rock out to whatever music I am in the mood for at any time. (And my musical tastes can go from Broadway Show Tunes to 80’s music, to Tom Waits to hard rock in the blink of an eye!) Read more

Want to help? Buy a shirt!

Buy a shirt, fund a dream.buyashirtgraphicbutton

(This promotion has now ended. We will return in January 2015. Thank you to everyone that purchased a shirt and supported a dream! If you would like to be notified when T-shirts are for sale again, please let me know.)

There are many ways that I will work to fund this journey of volunteerism. Instead of doing a traditional “crowdfunding” campaign (where I ask you for money in exchange for a token “thank-you”) – I’ve decided to try Teespring. The idea is you buy a shirt, and any “profit” goes directly to fund this “Change for Miles” journey to perform volunteer work in every state.  It’s like….. crowdfundshopping. Read more

Ongoing List of Thank Yous!

YOUROCKbuttonThere are many people that have already assisted in making this dream of traveling the country to volunteer in every state a reality. I would not be able to do this without the encouragement, advice, offers of places to stay, the occasional free meal, gifts, work opportunities, etc. from so many people. Thank you, thank you – from the bottom of my heart – thank you! Your support – in whatever form – is so greatly appreciated. You Rock!! Read more

North Carolina – Volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC

Before traveling to North Carolina, I looked up different events going on in the area that would present possible volunteer opportunities. Although I had intended for North Carolina to be one of my “entertainment / fun” volunteer locations, I saw that September had been declared “Hunger Action Month”. Entertainment could wait… there were hungry families to feed. Read more