Want to help? Buy a shirt!

Buy a shirt, fund a dream.

There are many ways that I will work to fund this journey of volunteerism. Instead of doing a traditional “crowdfunding” campaign (where I ask you for money in exchange for a token “thank-you”) – I’ve decided to try Fundly to help with a new project of mine: sharing a meal or coffee with one homeless person in each state I volunteer. The idea is this: you buy a shirt or other item, and any “profit” goes directly to buying a meal.

black-tee,I AM the CHANGE I want to SEE in the world
It’s pretty simple: we can’t wait for the world to change, we need to be the ones making change, creating change, inspiring change. If you are that change – this is the shirt for you.

To see how close we are to reaching the goal – just look at the box below. You can also use the links within the graphic below if you would like to purchase your own T-shirt and help invite a homeless person out for a meal.

Thank you!

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