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Note: It isn’t always easy traveling around the country to volunteer in every state. But there are a lot of gems I find along the way that make my life either easier, brighter or both – and I thought you may want to know about them, too. My Road Trip Love series will feature products or companies I encounter along the way. No, I’m not paid or given anything to write about any of these. It is just my little way of saying thanks, and sharing the love.

If you could walk a thousand miles in my shoes…

Oh wait… you can!!! My shoes are THAT comfortable!

I first fell in love with Keen shoes back in 2008. I was slowly eating and walking my way through Portland after some serious health issues. I knew I would be doing a lot of walking (it was the only exercise I was allowed at the time), and needed a shoe that could keep up with the punishment I was going to be dishing out. When I came across Keen’s version of the Mary Jane – I instantly fell in love. Walking shoes that were comfortable – and stylish!?!? Sold! But only time (and a gazillion miles) would let me know if this would be a long-lasting relationship…. or fizzle out as mere infatuation.

my-keensHere I am….7 years later….and am happy with my long-term relationship with Keen. Sure…I may have had to buy replacement pairs of shoes through the years (I wear my Keens nearly 24/7/365. That’s the beauty of the Mary Jane! I can wear them hiking / walking, I can wear them with a skirt out on the town. LOVE them!!) but I have had no reason to stray from the Keen family. We may have hit a few bumps along the way. (Like when they have discontinued my favorite styles over time. Or when their styles have been sized drastically different than previous versions.) But my Keens and I have history. We have walked through 7 countries. We have explored numerous cities, and scenic trails. We have experienced all four seasons together – sometimes in the same month! They keep my feet comfortable when standing for hours while volunteering or working. I have worn soles down to nearly nothing. I have gone dancing in a brand-spanking new pair – no break-in time needed. And still my love continues.

Not only am I in love with Keen shoes – I’m kind of in heavy like with the company as well. Through their Keen Effect program, Keen provides grant money to nonprofits that promote responsible outdoor use, and since 2003 they have donated $7 million around the world in cash and resources. I love that part of the profits from my purchases go to such responsible and charitable causes.

I know my current pair are nearing their end. And again, the pair I currently own (the Sisters MJ) have been discontinued. I only hope that the new Mary Jane version can live up to the expectations that her predecessors have set. 🙂


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