Road Trip Love – Love’s Travel Stops

Note: It isn’t always easy traveling around the country to volunteer in every state. But there are a lot of gems I find along the way that make my life either easier, brighter or both – and I thought you may want to know about them, too. My Road Trip Love series will feature products or companies I encounter along the way. No, I’m not paid or given anything to write about any of these. It is just my little way of saying thanks, and sharing the love.

You can find a lot of articles that will tell you what is important on a road trip. From how to plan to where to eat, they can describe in detail the essentials that can make – or break – your free-wheeling adventure. I know. I’ve read hundreds. Maybe thousands. But I have not yet come across one of my own essentials in any of those articles: clean restrooms, and how to find them.

Luckily, my experience driving thousands of miles through dozens of states introduced me to Love’s Travel Stops years ago. They hands down have the most consistently clean restrooms I have found across this great country. (Except for that one location – but everyone is allowed a bad apple every now and then.) Not only are the restrooms clean- the staff has always been friendly, the fuel prices amongst the lowest, and I can usually find some fresh fruit (bananas or oranges usually) for sale. As a woman who drives by herself most of the time, I have also felt completely safe in their locations – including the time I had to sleep in my car in their parking lot in order to avoid some snow and ice. (Word of note: I did let the employees know I would be sleeping in my car, and where I was parked.

So thank you Love’s! Here’s a little Road Trip Love just for you!

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