The Road Trip to Volunteer in Every State Continues

After taking a break these past few winter months, I am preparing to resume my road trip to volunteer in every state.

The 15 months I spent on the road previously have taught me much about people, traveling solo,  kindness in others, and myself.  I look forward to continuing onward, putting much of what I have learned into action.

I have mapped out a course to bring me from the West Coast to the East Coast (weather permitting)  on the Roadtrippers app. You can view it here:

For the first time since I began, I will be traveling through places I have rarely or never been, and where I know almost no one. I am excited to see new parts of the country, and to learn how people are making a difference and solving problems in these communities.

One of my biggest challenges last year was finding a way to write about what I was doing without making it all about me. Most people may be surprised to learn that I am an incredibly shy and private person. It is something I have battled continuously on this trip. As much as I want to promote the places I volunteer and volunteerism in general, I find the idea of posting everything I do on social media and this website troubling at times. How an individual makes their impact in the world can be a deeply private endeavor. I have met hundreds – if not thousands- of volunteers, and they all have individual reasons for donating their time, hearts and energy. They may want to bring attention to a cause or an organization – but rarely do they want or expect recognition for themselves.

Sometimes it can be a very fine line.

I love hearing from friends and strangers who have been inspired to volunteer. That was one of my main reasons for writing about this journey in the first place.  It is also why I have vowed to write more as I embark on this portion of my journey. But it will always be more important for me to DO good than to broadcast it to the world.

I have been asked many questions about volunteering, traveling and how I live on the road. Those are questions I will answer leading up to my departure. If you have a question, or suggestions as to places I should volunteer, I would love to hear them.

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