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perksbuttonHow can you pay-it-forward and contribute to my dream of performing volunteer work for small nonprofit organizations in all fifty states within a year. Purchase one of these “Perks”!

All of these are available for purchase through PayPal, where you can pay with a credit card – even if you don’t have an account. A shopping cart will appear at the bottom of this page once items are added to it. When you are finished adding items, simply click on the “Checkout” button to be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction. Be sure to include your mailing address so that you may receive your perks! 🙂

Postcard Love: Don’t you love receiving mail? I don’t mean bills and advertisements for items you will never need. I mean honest-to-goodness mail. Handwritten notes from a live, human being. I do! One of my favorite parts of traveling is sending postcards. Whether they are postcards I pick up along the way, doodles and drawings on blank postcards (warning: I am NOT an artist, and my doodles and drawings are easily mistaken for something drawn by a kindergartener. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!), a photo I have taken turned into a postcard, or a postcard I have designed – I love them. All postcards purchased as part of the  Postcard Love  perk will be mailed from a state you choose, and will include a handwritten note and travel tip about that state!
$5 One State :

$20 Five Random States :

Postcard Love Frenzy: Are you as crazy about postcards and mail as I am? You can purchase a postcard mailed from  every state ! Each one will include a handwritten note and travel tip from that state. Just imagine – 50 postcards over the course of this trip (approximately 2 years). All delivered to your mailbox! Your postman will be impressed.
$175 Postcard Love Frenzy :

Postcard Mysterium: Yep, I made that word up.  It is a way to describe what it would be like to send or receive a random postcard with a friendly or encouraging message to or from someone you have never met. Think of it as Postcards Anonymous, with love! All orchestrated by yours truly. If you sign up for this perk, I will randomly send a postcard with a pre-selected message of your choosing, on your behalf, to another Postcard Mysterium subscriber. You will also receive one of these randomly sent postcards. There are rules. Messages will be funny or encouraging. I won’t send anything I find offensive, rude, political or religious. If it can’t be seen and read by a first-grader, I won’t send it.  The whole idea is to reach out and spread some love to a stranger. If you would like to suggest a message, send it along. If I think it is a message worth spreading, I will use it. Each card will be signed “Sent on behalf of (your first name, last initial)”. Your privacy and personal information will be protected.
$12 Postcard Mysterium :

Monthly Mail Call: Postcards are awesome, but maybe you want more. Subscribe to the Monthly Mail Call and I will mail something to you each month you are subscribed. It may be a cool article I read in the paper, a comic that made me laugh, an awesomely designed band-flier, or any number of items. I will also write you a note that explains why I chose to mail that particular item. Then I will put it in an envelope and mail it to you. Yay! This is a monthly subscription, and you can subscribe for as many months as you like.
$10 / Month Monthly Mail Call :

 The Guilty Pleasure: Do you like the idea of volunteering, but don’t think you have the time or skills? Well – you’re wrong – and I hope to change your mind about that over the course of this year-long journey. But until you’re convinced, I am offering a way to relieve your guilt! Choose a cause you would like to support, and I will find a matching organization and volunteer on your behalf! I’ll even tell them (fill in your name) sent me. This is above and beyond the volunteer work that I will be doing in each state. I will then send you an email describing the organization, and the work that was performed.
$50 The Guilty Pleasure :

Inspiration Lightning:   Has all of my talk of volunteering inspired you to volunteer yourself? Or have been been itching to get out of town, and have finally found the motivation you needed to hit the road? Whichever it is, I will help you with your plans! I will ask you a few questions about what it is you would like to do, and make customized suggestions accordingly. These will be based on my own experiences, research and recommendations of trusted sources.
$25 Inspiration Lightning :

 Compromise Surprise: Maybe you don’t like mail or music (pffft!), or you’re a very generous soul and don’t want anything in exchange for your support. But I won’t take any money without doing something in return. So… let’s compromise! You choose your price, and I choose a random act of kindness. This allows you to be financially supportive while spreading kindness to the world. I will write about each random act of kindness as a way to inspire random acts of kindness in others. When you read through them, you can think “I did that!”. Everyone wins!!
$your choice (just choose how many multiples of $1 you would like)
Compromise Surprise :


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