10 Things I’ve Learned….

10 Things I’ve Learned is a fun series about random things I have learned, either while planning parts of this road trip to volunteer in every state, or while traveling.

10 Things I Learned About Texas

There are a lot of things you learn while on a solo road trip across the country. I have driven between Dallas and Southern California many, many times over the past few years. I tend to take I-10 when going West, and I-40 when heading East (or highways that follow along those routes, like Route 66).  Here are 10 things I learned about Texas while driving through the Lone Star State… Texas Fun “Facts” Texans…
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10 Things I Have Learned About “Capsule Wardrobe” Packing for Travel

I am not much of a fashionista. You should know that right up front. My wardrobe consists of a lot of black skirts, (too many) t-shirts and a plethora of socks of all designs and colors. I can’t remember the last time I bought a “new” piece of clothing (outside of socks, leggings, tights and under clothes) – preferring to shop at thrift stores and Goodwill on the rare occasion I do shop. But somehow,…
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