Rolling with the changes…..

Driving along Skyline drive

Earlier this year, I had planned to resume this road trip to volunteer in every state with an epic sweep of the northern states. I spent countless hours calculating miles and alternate paths around potential bad weather; contacting organizations to set up volunteer opportunities along the way; plotting places to sleep, camp, see friends, etc. I relished the adventures that awaited me. It turns out…. all of this careful planning didn’t guarantee one key thing:…
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Washington – Direct to the People

Since I began planning this road trip to volunteer in every state, people have suggested that I begin a crowd-funding campaign. I have never been a fan of the idea, simply because I can’t seem to justify a reason for it in my head. I know people want to be supportive – and I am soooo appreciative of their kindness. But I would rather there be some sort of give and take in exchange. (Hence…
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How to Find Volunteer Work While Traveling

Traveling the US in order to perform volunteer work in every state can present a few challenges. While volunteers can help fill many gaps in an organization, and their collective hours can accomplish tasks they would otherwise be unable to complete, it isn’t always easy to find limited-time, last-minute volunteer work. Many volunteer positions require some amount of training, and organizations want to maximize their training efforts with volunteers that are committed to working for…
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Volunteering Against Hate

When I first began formulating the idea for this trip, I planned to volunteer for a different cause / event / organization in each state. The idea was to have as many varied experiences as possible in order to highlight the many ways any person can help – no matter their skill or interest. Every person has value, and every person has something they can offer to another. I still believe this to be true,…
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Arizona – Volunteering for Friends of the Phoenix Public Library

During my childhood, libraries were my playground. There was always the promise of something both soothing and exciting between the shelves lined with books. I would spend hours amongst characters that became as familiar as friends. As we moved from state to state, these characters were the familiar amongst the frightening and unknown. I could live in a town where I knew no one, yet feel at home in any library the first time I…
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Ohio – Volunteering at Weathervane Playhouse

Although I am not very long into my journey, I can safely guess that volunteering at Weathervane Playhouse will be one of my most favorite stops. Weathervane has been my “home” for the past few years. The people – my family. I had always planned for this to be my “Ohio stop” on my journey, and so just a few short weeks after officially leaving, I made my return in order to volunteer during one…
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